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Safe and effective interventions to cure Parkinson’s disease —or at least delay its onset and slow its progression—are needed desperately. Offering patients real solutions requires a dedicated therapeutic pipeline that spans basic research to clinical trials, which in turn requires a focused intellectual and financial commitment. This therapeutic pipeline is a focused, coordinated, step-by-step approach directed by Thomas Montine, MD, PhD, a physician-scientist known widely for his seminal work untangling the molecular and structural causes of brain aging and neurodegeneration.

The founding director of one of only seven national Udall Centers for Parkinson’s disease research, Dr. Montine will lead an unparalleled team of experts in neurobiology, neurology, neuropathology, stem cell medicine, genetics, medicinal chemistry, engineering, and molecular and cellular physiology from across Stanford. Together, these scientists will drive progress at every stage of the pipeline, with an intense focus on early detection and molecularly-tailored interventions.

To learn more about Stanford’s focused approach on developing personalized therapies for Parkinson’s disease click here or contact Susan Schwartzwald at or 650-497-3910.