Brain Donation Program

The Pacific Udall Center runs an active brain donation program for people enrolled in our research studies. We welcome inquiries and questions.

Brain donation is the most precious and valuable gift that a patient and family can give, with unique benefits. A brain autopsy provides a family with a definitive neuropathological diagnosis of a loved one and an explanation of the symptoms. Importantly, the samples allow researchers to perform analyses that will identify molecular targets for early detection, treatments, and cures.

Pacific Udall Center researchers are developing clinical brain imaging methods to investigate neurodegenerative diseases, but these approaches will never replace the discoveries made possible by studying a human brain under a microscope. We need your help. Thank you for considering to provide an irreplaceable resource that could impact current and future generations. The identities of donors are kept confidential.

For more information about the brain donation program, please contact a Pacific Udall Center research coordinator in your region:

Stanford/SF Bay Area
(650) 721-5274

(206) 277-3956

(503) 220-8262 Ext: 54688